Fisetin has been shown to regulate a number of pathways (e.g. antioxidant & mitochondrial function) that are implicated in age-related decline in brain health. One mechanism by which Fisetin might protect against degenerative brain conditions is by activating certain transcription factors such as that increase the cellular levels of glutathione – a key cellular antioxidant that has protective effects on nerve cellsFisetin protects nerve cells from oxidative stress. Oxidative death is one of the many factors associated with cognitive decline, stroke, and Parkinson’s disease. Moreover, Fisetin limits the accumulation of harmful compounds (phosphorylated tau) that accumulate in the brain. Fisetin is a potentially useful supplement for decreasing inflammation in microglia – immune cells that exert neurotoxic effects and are often activated in neurodegenerative conditions.

FISETIN 300 mg (30 Capsules) - 300 mg per capsule Certified 99%